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Isi (27) is stuck in a quarter-life crisis. With a graphics diploma in one hand and a drink in the other, Isi is stuck in a strange place "between" university and real life.

Genre: Coming-of-Age Dramedy
Running time: 84 min.
Director: Helena Hufnagel
Screenwriters: Sina Flammang, Madeleine Fricke
Cast: Luise Heyer, Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen, Maxi Schafroth, u.v.m.
Co-production: Bayerischer Rundfunk, Film-Debut im Ersten, cocofilms
Funding: FFF Bayern


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A young Russian-German, torn between love and his criminal past, struggles to make a fresh start in Berlin.

Genre: Coming-of-Age Drama
Running time: 93 min.
Director: Stanislav Güntner
Screenwriters: Stanislav Güntner, Alexei Mamedov
Cast: Mark Filatov, Emilia Schüle, u.v.m.
Co-production: ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel, Nominal Film
Funding: FFF Bayern (debut film)


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The order to seize cash leads Achim to Christoph, his very personal class enemy. Achim and Zorro have a score to settle with him from their pioneering days.

Genre: East-West Comedy
Running time: 31 min.
Director/Screenwriter: Martin Nudow
Cast: Christian Näthe, Thomas Kornack, u.v.m.
Co-production: Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), HFF Munich
Funding: FFF Bayern (diploma film)

Production Services

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"In the film "Silver" (WT), 17-year-old Liv moves to London with her mother Ann and little sister Mia. When Liv meets the mysterious Henry, everything changes. He belongs to a secret circle that possesses the ability of lucid dreaming. They do not yet suspect that the fulfillment of their dreams will come at a high price.

Constantin Film is producing a new film for Prime Video with the adaptation of Kerstin Gier's bestseller "Silver". Filming is currently taking place in Dublin and London in German and English. The film will be shown worldwide exclusively on Prime Video in 2023."
Text: Constantin Film Press

Service: Line Producer
Genre: Fantasy-Adventure
Format: Feature Film
Client: Constantin Film GmbH
Director: Helena Hufnagel
Shooting locations: Dublin, London
Release Date: 2023
Platform: Prime Video


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"The History of Mankind - Slightly Shortened" is a parodic outline of the history of mankind with a star cast from the German comedy scene: Christoph Maria Herbst, Paul Seldmeir, Carolin Kebekus, Bastian Pastewka, Christian Tramitz, Carsten Strauch, Hannes Jaennicke, Heino Ferch and Matthias Matschke are among the cast.

Service: Production management and line producer (Bulgaria)
Format: Feature Film
Client: PANTALEON Films GmbH
Director: Erik Haffner
Shooting location: Cologne, Munich, Sofia (BGR), Madeira (PRT)
Film funding: Film and Media Foundation NRW, FFF Bayern, dfff
Theatrical release: 16.06.2022
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures Germany


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Tim is seemingly incapable of being in a relationship. But when he falls in love with his female mirror image, Ghost, he suddenly finds himself on the other side of dating hell.

Based on the bestseller by Michael Nast, Hilly Martinek and director Helena Hufnagel have adapted "Generation Beziehungsunfähig" for the cinema. Frederik Lau and Luise Heyer took on the leading roles.

Service: Production management
Format: Feature Film
Client: PANTALEON Films GmbH
Director: Helena Hufnagel
Shooting locations: Cologne, Munich
Film funding: Film and Media Foundation NRW, FFF Bayern, FFA, MDM, dfff
Theatrical release: 29.07.2021
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures Germany


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The film is set in the future, where a catastrophe of global proportions has wiped out almost all of humanity. Astronaut Blake, played by French actress Nora Arnezeder, is sent back to Earth from the space colony Kepler to explore current living conditions there.

Service: Line Producer (Reshoot)
Format: Feature Film
Client: BerghausWöbke Filmproduktion GmbH
Director: Tim Fehlbaum
Shooting location: Munich, Basel, Lausitz, Studio Babelsberg, among others
Film funding: FFF Bayern, FFHSH, FFA, dfff, MBB, Zürcher Filmstiftung
Theatrical release: 26.08.2021
Distributor: Constantin Film


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At the latest when Helga (62) crashes through the floor of her living room, she realizes that she is stuck. Perhaps meeting Polish cleaner Ryszard can give her life a new direction.

Service: Line Producer
Format: Feature Film
Client: BerghausWöbke Filmproduktion GmbH
Director: Mareille Klein
Shooting location: Munich
Film funding: FFF Bayern, dfff
Festival premiere: Filmfest München 


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Three young people in search of dignity, justice and recognition. They are survivors of human trafficking and want back the humanity that was stolen from them. They will tell their story, they will tell it to us. We will follow them to the beginning. To the beginning of what makes us all human first and foremost.

Service: Line Producer
Format: Documentary
Working Title: Fever
Client: filmallee GmbH
Director: Helen Simon
Locations: Germany, Czech Republic, South Africa
Film funding: FFF Bayern, BKM, Eurimages, dfff, Gerd Ruge Scholarship.
Status: In post-production


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What happens in a family when the end of the world is imminent? "Pälzisch im Abgang", a provincial comedy with local color and a gruff Palatine tone, exposes the trivialities of life and tells of the last weeks before the end of the world with speed and a lot of black humor.

Service: Line producer and production management
Format: TV miniseries (6 x 30 minutes)
Client: teamWerk. Die Filmproduktion GmbH
Director: Matthias Schmidt
Shooting locations: Stuttgart, Bad Dürkheim
Film funding: MFG
First broadcast: 27.10.2015
Broadcaster: SWR


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As her life crumbles around her, teenager Lena (Emilia Schüle), loses herself in the depths of the internet and social media when she begins chatting with the mysterious Noah (Jannik Schümann).

Service: Production management
Format: Feature Film
Client: Rafkin Film Produktion GmbH
Director: Florian Gaag
Shooting locations: Munich, Hamburg, Berlin
Film funding: FFF Bayern, FFA, FFHSH, BKM, Kuratorium jdF, dfff
Theatrical release: 22.09.2016
Distributor: Alpen Republik

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A desert journey takes a fatal turn, forcing two travellers to slog through treacherous terrain and overcome dangerous obstacles as they struggle to survive against the unforgiving elements and their own inner demons.

Inspired by true events

Genre: Survival Thriller
Format: Feature Film
Screenwriter: Torben Maas
Funding: FFF Bayern (Screenplay)


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A long-term job seeker wannabe bodybuilder must take in his deceased great-aunt's spoiled poodle to claim the financial inheritance.

Genre: Black Comedy
Format: Feature Film
Screenwriter: Gustav Munkelmann


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To reunite with her long-lost father, an incorruptible mommaddy must join her dreamy son and flighty sister on a Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) adventure through a fairytale forest filled with foam-sword wielding orcs and silicone-eared elves.

Genre: Dramedy
Format: Feature Film
Director: Félix Koch
Screenwriters: Lena Krumkamp, Torben Maas
Co-producer: SevenPictures Film GmbH
Funding: FFF Bayern (script and project development)


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When a young Wehrmacht soldier deserts and hides in the surrounding forests of his hometown, a manhunt begins that tears apart the community and forces each resident to make a treacherous confession: are they supporters of the resistance or do they hunt the traitor?

Based on true events.

Genre: War drama 
Format: Miniseries (7 x 45 minutes)
Screenwriters: Angela Gilges, Christopher von Delhaes
Funding: FFF Bayern (script and project development)